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Our Readers' Top Go Links of 2019

A look back at what proved popular within our part of the Go community this year.

It's been another busy year for our favourite Gopher and to close out the year, we've taken a look at the data from the popular Golang Weekly newsletter.

The email newsletter is read by over 29,000 developers — here's a look at what they clicked on in 2019:

The Go highlights of 2019:

Practical Go: Real World Advice for Writing Maintainable Go Programs

Dave Cheney shared this thorough list of best-practice advice for writing Go code, covering indentifiers, package design, project structure, error handling and more. Good stuff.

Understanding Real-World Concurrency Bugs in Go

This report, characterized as the “first systematic study” of its kind, looks at popular Go applications (think Docker, Kubernetes, etc.), analyzing 171 concurrency bugs, their fixes, and if they are reproducible.

An Overview of Go's Tooling

Simply calling this an "overview" seemed a little insufficient. This well-received tome of information detailed how to use Go to do just about everything from linting to rewrite rules to stress testing. Bookmark this one.

Go 1.14 Should Be Great

We're still waiting on Go 1.14, but it seems there is plenty of interest in the next major release (a beta is available now). This tweet thread highlighed what to expect. A popular slidedeck from Daniel Martí also ran through some personal picks on what's looking good in the upcoming release.

Working with Errors in Go 1.13

Error handling is a common topic of discussion (and, sometimes, innovation ) and as such the improvements made in Go 1.13 (new ways to examine, wrap, and unwrap errors) proved popular.

Best Practices for Writing High-Performance Go Code

This document outlines best practices for writing optimized and performant Go code. It's been updated several times over the years and remains a popular resource. It's avaialble in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Go is on a Trajectory to Become the Next Enterprise Programming Language

In this article from May, Kevin Goslar makes several worthwhile points about the characteristics that give Go an advantage in building large-scale software projects.

The Go Team Rejects the try Error Checking Function Proposal

Back in July, following a lot of feedback from the wider community the Go Core Team declined a proposal for a try built-in Go error check function due to it "not targeting a worthwhile problem".

The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes I’ve Seen in Go Projects

In this blog Teiva Harsanyi listed some of the most common mistakes he sees in Go projects, including problems with benchmarking and pointers, confusion using break, slice initialization, and variable shadowing.

Quick Go Performance Improvements

A popular article with a handful of "techniques you can use to significantly improve the performance of your program with little effort".

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