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Note: We do not receive any commission for these links. We've just collected deals together here because we didn't want to clutter up JavaScript Weekly today! :-) We found these deals via this open call and by searching for ourselves.

The annual shopping bonanza that Black Friday has seemingly become isn't all just getting new socks or half price Amazon Echos — we've found a variety of offers aimed at JavaScript developers too.

Please note that we're not responsible if someone changes their prices or pulls an offer early, so check before you buy anything. But with that said, here's our list of deals on various courses, tools, and books that you may want to check out:

Eloquent JavaScript (and others) [33.7% Off]

'A Modern Introduction to Programming' by Marijn Haverbeke is just one of the excellent books available over at No Starch Press.

They've an extensive range of printed titles covering programming, hacking, sys admin, and more – well worth a look. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY20 for a discount. This applies to No Starch's books generally, by the way, and they have lots of fantastic ones worth browsing.. I have rather too many in my own collection.

Pragmatic Bookshelf has a 40% off sale as well with code turkeysale2020 which you can use on anything, including their many JavaScript titles.

The Learnetto Full Stack Bundle [$399 — a 70% discount]

This next deal combines a ton of courses and books into one complete pack. It's a bundling of several notable resources from respected experts, covering various frontend and backend topics such as React, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, Serverless, VSCode, and more.

CEO of Lernetto Hrishi Mittal explains why you may want to pick up this deal in this Twitter thread.

The Opinionated Guide to React [30% off]

A late addition! :-) Sara Vieira is a developer at CodeSandbox and The Opinionated Guide to React is 200 pages of 'React recipes' and examples to get you up to speed with Sara's React approach to React quickly.

Important: You need to use the code DiscountDayOfTheYear at checkout!

Courses from Wes Bos [$69 — was $139]

Wes is something of a course machine, over the past few years he's dropped several high quality video courses, covering things such as Gatsby, ES6, Redux and more.

For Black Friday all his courses are half price, plus purchasing power parity means you may get them cheaper still.

Node CLI Automation Course [$99 - was $249]

This step-by-step course from Ahmad Awais covers how to build both Node.js and JavaScript based CLI apps, DevTools, and npm packages for automation purposes (saving you time). It features over 100 videos, 21 example projects, access to a private Discord, and you'll get lifetime updates to any future course changes.

Jamstack Handbook from Colby Fayock [$5 - was $10]

If you're even a tiny bit curious about Jamstack, then this ebook from Colby Fayock explains what the fuss is all about.

The handbook shows how to build fast, dynamic apps with JavaScript and the static web.

Vue School [40% off - annual plan is now $114]

With 364 video lessons over 26 courses, you could watch a video almost every day of the year! If Vue is on your radar, we've heard good things about this collection.

Courses from Flavio Copes [$49]

All of Flavio's courses are on offer this week. The author/developer has courses on a variety of subjects, including React, Vue, Next.js, Svelte, and more. You can also grab all the courses in a bundle if you're feeling particularly scholarly.

Other deals of note:

Have you found a great deal worth sharing? Drop a comment on this Twitter thread.

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